Donny Shocker’s musical roots are so many sided, a human life would’nt be enough to work out the ideas in his head.

Born in Indonesia, his family moved to Holland after some to and fro’s, where he, as a young boy inspired by his bilingual education, started his interest for languages. He started and shared a children’s theater group with other kids in the summer vacation and where he wrote his first lyrics.

At the age of 14 he realized that his lyrics combined with music made more sense. So Donny picked up the “Six-string”, much for the pleasure of his uncle who was a big number as a guitarplayer in Indonesia and who supported him whenever he could. Now the only thing missing, at that time, was the real life. After his end exams, he was drawn into the wide, wild world. Many encounters later, he had enough input together and returned to Holland. The possibilities were limited and he got tired of playing the same old songs in coverbands. For him music constitutes it’s own language. A way of communication that he had to develop on his own and to broaden the borders of what was known to the listeners of that time. By destiny he fell in love in a German girl and promptly moved to Germany.

It was the dawn of the 70’s and nothing seemed at the time better as to join up in an instrumentalband named “Experiment” and to play exactly that kind of music. “Experimental music”. For this project Donny picked up the “Four-string”, which he played several years at festivals and in clubs. He says: ” bassplayers were hard to find at that time.” Till today he still has his preference for a good bassline. Collecting enough input with this project, his passion for songwriting came back. His aim was to let the ideas in the music take it’s course and then to fill it out with his lyrics and his voice. That, for him, would make “Experiment” to a top band. But these changes developed tension in the band which then later ended to their breakup in 78′. Donny had enough of quarrels. For him was the time, again, for a new project. The only muxic, for him at the time with no stress, was the …Punk!

“BKA” really “Bad Kids Around” was the first punkband in Würzburg and stirred up the right sensation that he needed. Donny did a lot of concerts with this band, had fun playing the “Six-string” again and there were no arguments about which direction their music would lead.  “It was really terrible what we played and how we played, but the people wanted to hear and see us”, he says about the“BKA” today.

At this time he was also doing a record shop and opened up a pub. – “You could make some good money cause the city was vivacious and the people greedy for entertainment.” He played regularly in his own pub, only with his guitar, which brought him nearer to his own style. He could concentrate on his performance and to level up his way as a frontman and entertainer.

With a member of “BKA”, the band “D-Generation” was founded in the mid 80’s and there is no doubt about how Donny Shocker had influenced the band in a decisive way with his songs, voice and his natural charisma during their tours through clubs and festivals. “D-Generation” went back to the pure rock of the 70’s, not without considering the style of the 80’s. In the beginning of the 90’s you could feel the change in the rockmusic and the band decided to return to covering of well-known songs and Donny had to commit once again a new musical route. He dedicated himself to his voice, to assimilate the style of the years before and to orientate himself a new.

With “Flowers” he started a rather simple project. A trio with acoustic guitars and three voices that fascinated him absolutely. He says: “It was for me a pleasure to hear and to feel the intensity in the voices of the songs that we were singing at the moment.”

At the beginning of the new millennium, Donny met Achim Welsch, producer and guitarplayer of the band “Ivanhoe”. Donny wanted to play rock again and Achim seemed to have the right hand to create a rockproduction of means out of his acoustic layed-out songs. After some experiments, they decided to keep on with this formation and in the beginning of 2006, they went into the studio for the first time to give life to the quintessence of Donny Shocker’s musical experiences.

The coming CD-production “Prologue” has the right ingredients to combine the touch of the 70’s with the recent time – far away from all boundaries which modern music often imposes on us and offers us only the senseless superficialities in today’s sound. Donny aims for new:  A rocky, anarchic bastion against … trivial music!”